Newcastle and Hunter Valley Building and Construction Industry

As a company we felt there are two major issues with the current state of the building trade in Australia.

The first is that new homes are becoming increasingly homogenised. New subdivisions on sloping land are often cut length-ways with a retaining wall on the low side making a kind of Rice Paddy effect. Of course this allows simple flat blocks to be created but also means you’re typically getting repetition of home design. 

In most cases the developer has a covenants on the subdivision. They govern the type of construction and materials allowed in turn every home in every estate  lacks any real character and reflects  zero personalisation of the home owner.

The other side of the coin is Land parcel size in all capital cities is more expensive everyday and the typical blocks are getting smaller in some cases only 250m2 in a new subdivision this allows the homeowner two decisions, either a small home with a modest backyard or a medium sized home with a yard no bigger than a vegetable garden.the aussie home  set on three quarters of an acre seem to be a distant memory.

  • Green Homes

  • Sky Garden

  • Unique

  • Character

In 2012 on a trip to South America Jamie and Marty were inspired by the way the locals use their roof space. They would entertain and grow vegetables on the roof.

It was at this time Jamie and Marty began to realise how the roof on any home is almost always a waste of space and by adopting the similar design principles from their trip to  south america they could bring new life to the building industry and overcome the issues raised by small lot sizes. By removing the typical tile/tin roof and replacing it with a flat concrete surface it allowed to build your home footprint to its maximum capacity and also allow for a very large green space above essentially doubling the floor area of your home.

this was the birth of a new way, a new era in home ownership a way of regaining the Aussie dream…it is  known as the ‘’sky garden.”