The Perfect Building and Construction Tools for your Project

Throughout the years of bricklaying auswide developed what’s known as the holy grail.

A perfect method of laying bricks for both quality and efficiency.

After building thousands of homes and up to ten teams by meticulously looking at the data using trial and error they developed a system. The system includes the process and a patented bricklaying profile system, accompanied with  specialists custom tools. After hundreds of spreadsheets an app was developed to collect data on performance and efficiency.

Also helping team members to understand the productivity required to make each project profitable.

Auswide loves bricklaying and was frustrated with some of the methods that have not changed for 6,000 years.the guys wanted the best systems to achieve the best result.

Of course when you solve a problem for yourself it can help others that’s when straight up tools and consulting was born.after consultation with auswide teams and other teams we began to formulate the holy grail.what we know is the best way to lay bricks to generate higher returns.

Auswide is committed to being at the cutting edge of the bricklaying and building industry.

  • Innovation

  • Efficiency

  • Effectiveness

  • Productivity